Water Management


Keeping Arizona green one less drop at a time


Millions of gallons of water are used annually for irrigation in Phoenix, AZ.

As the city continues to grow, the water supply will not.

The good news is that your decision to prioritize water conservation will save you money and sustain our wonderful desert landscape.


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New technologies have made incredible strides in ensuring your beautiful property uses the amount of water it needs—no more, no less.

Tools like rain sensors, irrigation timers, and malfunction notifications will decrease the amount of water and money wasted!


Add our expertise to your priorities and we can significantly reduce your water usage through efficient and regionally-appropriate designs, plant selection, and irrigation practices.

Join us in making a difference. Your irrigation can contribute to Arizona water preservation.


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Managing 2,000,000+ square feet of commercial landscape with Sun State excellence couldn’t be done without certain priorities and expertise.

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